Intellectual humility: knowing we do not know much

Something that I read about early on in my career was emotional intelligence. It was trending around the time I got into the “real world” and I took the opportunity to get familiar with that concept. As someone who was more fascinated by Maths and working on “hard things”, the knowledge about emotions and empathy aka “soft skills” was a breath of fresh air. I am no expert on this topic. However, it did help me navigate some of the challenges of work and life.

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Just give it some time

I was working on a website to change its font files yesterday. I had done everything correctly to the best of my knowledge. However, it did not seem to work โ€“ no matter how many times I looked over my pull request to see if everything was in order. I decided to call it a day and check back the following day.

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The system isn’t rigged

When some people feel helpless, they turn into a sort of despair saying words like, “life is unfair” or “businessmen are cheats”. Or they will say words that sound grand, like “I speak the truth, so people hate me”. Or “So and so is a fake, that is why people are around him”. This kind of negative outlook is not only harmful but in itself unfair to oneself and the rest of the world.

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