Hello Human Made!

I’m very pleased to express my interest to join your team as a Web Engineer!

I have been considering applying at Human Made for about a year now, since I saw that some of the finest WordPress folks are at Human Made! I feel I’m now prepared for this role more than ever before.

In this page, I would like to talk about myself and why I want to work here.

Thanks so much for reading this and I hope you will enjoy the rest of the content!

A Bit About Myself

I’m Muhammad Muhsin, a Full Stack Engineer from Colombo, Sri Lanka. I completed my degree, a BSc (Hons) Software Engineering at Plymouth University with a First Class Honors, becoming the batch topper and winning awards. Before that I completed my Cambridge GCE Ordinary and Advanced Level exams in Colombo – both with flying colors.

My interests are in writing clean code with documentation, pursuing open-source development, blogging and writing for publications such as Smashing Magazine, photography and of course eating out with friends and family.

You can read about what I did in 2018 here!

My WordPress Journey

I started blogging with WordPress in 2015 while I was at college and instantly fell in love with the platform. Right after college, I built a startup around WordPress while my friends were looking for jobs. I built themes with Underscores and built many must-use plugins. I have built multiple sites for government organizations which included multilingual sites using WPML. I have used WooCommerce for powering simple stores, and combined it with WooCommerce Bookings to build complex integrations with a remote kiosk to get booking availability and to purchase tickets –  in other words to power the entire online experience for an Adventure Park in the Emirates.

I have a plugin on the WordPress repository. I have also open-sourced many projects built around WordPress (Gutenberg and REST API), React, Redux, React Native and Gatsby.

I also write for Smashing Magazine about WordPress. I pursue WordPress core contributions and have submitted a patch which will be committed in 5.2.

I’m now looking at the next challenge with WordPress and joining a company like Human Made would surely help me get there.

My React Journey

I was introduced to React back in 2015 while I was building my final project for college. It was a web app built with React, Node and other technologies that will replace the clickers that lecturers hand over to students while getting them to answer a classroom quiz. I set it up to run on an embedded chip (Onion Omega) so that a server can be spun up easily.

final project poster
My Project Poster

This project was one of the best in my class and helped me in becoming the batch topper with a first class. Furthermore, it was displayed at different events in my college.

I then began using React to build a WordPress theme. I built the first version of my startup’s site with WordPress REST API, React, Flux, Gulp, Webpack and Page router. I then open sourced a React theme for WordPress and wrote about it on Smashing Magazine. Later on I built a few smaller apps with Create React App.

I then built an app with React Native and WooCommerce and wrote about that on Smashing Magazine. I then built a custom Gutenberg Block and wrote about it on Smashing Magazine.

I’m currently exploring GatsbyJS, Next.js, accessibility and inclusive design patterns. I have recently written about React Context API on Gatsby’s own blog. I’m also the lead developer of the GatsbyWPThemes.com project, initiated by Educator Zac Gordon – where we port popular WordPress themes to Gatsby.

I’m currently consulting with LearnDash – the popular LMS plugin for WordPress. I’m augmenting the core team, helping on the React front for V3 of their plugin.

Why Human Made

I feel Human Made has some of the most talented folks working from around the world and I think it would be a real honor to be working alongside them.

I have met a few Humans (both online and offline) from around the world and I was very impressed by their kindness, friendliness, their willingness to help and a love of open source. For instance, I was a volunteer at WordCamp Colombo 2017 and assisted your own Prasath and we became good friends.

I have watched many talks from Humans and I feel you are heading in the right direction, and would love to be a part of that!

Lastly, I have always wanted to give back to the WordPress community. The WordPress community has been very kind and helpful for me and my career and I think it’s a responsibility to give back to it. I have done that in the past by organizing meetups, mentoring others regarding WordPress and by volunteering at a WordCamp (as mentioned before). I believe joining Human Made would be an ideal way to contribute to WordPress and give back to the community.


I hope this cover letter was useful for you in considering my application for Web Engineer at Human Made. I thank you for reading this and I hope for a positive response from you!

Yours truly,
Muhammad Muhsin