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I ❤ WordPress.

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24 Pieces of Advice I Learnt in Life

Next month I turn 24 and I call this journey a life full of learning. IMG_9177

Mobile Mobile Development React WordPress

Building Mobile Apps Using React Native And WordPress

This is an article written by me for Smashing Magazine six days ago. It’s about building a WooCommerce-powered e-commerce app using React Native.

As web developers, you might have thought that mobile app development calls for a fresh learning curve with another programming language. Perhaps Java and Swift need to be added to your skill set to hit the ground running with both iOS and Android, and that might bog you down.

JavaScript React WordPress

How To Build A Skin For Your Web App With React And WordPress

This is an article written by me for Smashing Magazine five days ago. It’s about building a WordPress theme and store using React.

So you’ve trained yourself as a web engineer, and now want to build a blazing fast online shop for your customers. The product list should appear in an instant, and searching should waste no more than a split second either. Is that the stuff of daydreams?

Not anymore. Well, at least it’s nothing that can’t be achieved with the combination of WordPress’ REST API and React, a modern JavaScript library.


WordCamp Colombo 2017 – from the front row

We had the first ever WordCamp in Sri Lanka on the 23rd of September 2017 held at BMICH. I am proud to have been a volunteer for this successful event. This is a brief summary of what happened and what I learned from this eventful day.

wordcamp colombo front row
Me at the front row

JavaScript Web Development

Building a Calculator with Vue.js and Flexbox

Vue.js is one of the leading JavaScript libraries out there, which is easy to get started and very scalable at the same time. Similarly, CSS3 Flexbox is a relatively new feature that makes our design process simpler. This is a tutorial on creating a simple calculator using Vue.js CLI and CSS3 Flexbox. This post first appeared on Laccadive IO Blog.


Web Development

Footer to bottom of page

We need the page footer to be at the bottom of the page. However, it should not always stick to the bottom of the page either i.e. when there is more than one page worth of content.

Thanks to flexbox, this is not so hard after all.


8 lessons from UX Colombo Meetup #8

The 8th meetup of UX Colombo was held at Dialog Axiata Auditorium on the 10th November, 2016. The topics discussed were “5 Psychological Facts behind creating a Great User Experience” and “Branding and User Experience”. These are some of the notes I took that evening.


JavaScript Promises – a meetup and an example

The Colombo JavaScript Meetup group organised an event titled ‘JavaScript Promises’ on 20 October, 2016 at WSO2, Colombo 3.

JavaScript Promises


Distractions, Deep Work and Flow – a programmer’s take

Since I started working as a Web Developer (and when working on projects at college) I have been fascinated with how I could sometimes work effortlessly and enjoy myself while at it. And the other times when the thought of working made me cringe – I wanted to do everything I could do except work.