Android vs Pure Android – What’s the difference?

Android is not iOS. Of course, but the point I want to make here is that there is no single latest version or ‘flavour’ of Android. Being an Open Source project, anyone can create their own version of Android. This has so many¬†advantages, but also¬†some disadvantages as well. Let’s see.

Materialize your site!

I ended¬†my last post saying how awesome the Material Design is, which was revealed along with Android Lollipop a year ago. After writing a¬†few apps on Android Studio I¬†wondered¬†how amazing it would be if we can have this beautiful typography, subtle transitions and animations in more places than just¬†droids…

Android Development – Why and How

Needless to say, Android has become the leader of the mobile platform market. Starting with smartphones and tablets and moving onto TV, wearables and vehicles, Android never seems to stop. My message here is that there is never a better time to hop into Android Development, in case you are programmer or hoping to beContinue reading “Android Development – Why and How”